Shawnell Armendariz

CAD/CAM technology advisor

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About Me

Shawnell Armendariz began her career in Dentistry in El Cajon, CA as a Registered Dental Assistant when she was 18. She graduated from Grossmont Health Occupation Center in Santee, CA in 1999, and practiced as an RDA in an office in El Cajon. She then went to UCLA in 2001 to continue her studies and expanded her functions as a Registered Dental Assistant with Expanded Functions, she continued to work in the Dental Practice in El Cajon until 2005. She then moved on to a Dental Office in Sorrento Valley, CA practicing as an RDAEF, the practice always kept up to date with technology and integrated Cerec into the office, starting with Bluecam, then upgraded to Omnicam. With proficiency in CAD/CAM Technology, along with her background in dental, she now serves in the Dental Community as the CAD/CAM Technology Advisor with Patterson Dental San Diego.



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